Why AFAdi



I was inspired to create Afadi Kids shortly after my son, Adrian (Adi), started learning to talk. He was fond of creating his own words for everyday items. “Afadi” (pronounced “ahh-fah-dee”) was the name that he invented for his favorite toy elephant that he sleeps with every night. It’s catchy, it makes you smile, and we never get tired of saying it.
About the same time that he started to say Afadi on a daily basis, I was having a tough time finding good quality, everyday kid’s clothing that wasn’t emblazoned with crazy patterns or pictures of cartoons. That’s when I realized that there was an unmet need for this type of clothing and an opportunity—to recognize what makes our children special and encourage the qualities that will help them succeed.


Fearlessness, tenacity, and the will to keep going are traits I see Adi display every day and he makes me want to share that spirit. Those are the values from which Afadi was born and the foundation for all we do.
Thank you for considering us.